JB Ventura started SLA with just a dream.

In 2005 he got his CDL license.  He had a freight liner truck and went to the company that his dad Carlos was signed on to, Aurora Transport.  He walked in and met Michelle.  Carlos asked Michelle to give his son a chance.  Against Michelle's better judgment she chatted with JB and thought he seemed like a good kid and even though he wasn't old enough she gave him a chance. 

He worked hard for the next year and he lost his semi truck, job, house, and his car.  He was literally left for dead.  He would prefer not to tell the details of what happened at this time.

He was hanging out with his friend Travis picking up Travis semi truck from Barry Sather diesel service and saw a Kenworth T-600 which is now called "the first born".  He saw the for sale sign and instantly wanted that truck.  He asked the owner how much and if he would take payments, the owner said no.  He called Michelle and asked her to see if the owner would sell the truck on payments.  Michelle was able to talk the guy and tell him she would take the money out of JB's check every week.

In the end of 2008 JB asked Michelle out on a date, she said yes.

He continued to work for Aurora for the next three years.  In 2009 his truck blew up, overhaul or engine swap.  He swapped the engine and told himself he wanted a newer truck for himself.  He looked for months and found a Peterbilt 386 on truck paper.  He called on it and it was sold.  He was bummed.  Six months later JB took Michelle to South St. Paul to look at semis (which they both enjoyed and did often). And as they pulled into the Peterbilt dealer there it was.  The same gold Peterbilt 386 he had called on six months earlier.  Him and Michelle went inside and they met "Big Mike"    

"Big Mike" is accredited for a big part of JB's success.  JB could not get an approval to buy the truck and Big Mike called a friend of his that worked for a bank in Savage and talked him into giving JB a loan.  JB and Michelle had to sell several of their possessions to pay for the down payment, tax and plates of the new truck

JB was supposed to trade in the first born but he couldn't bare to part with the first born and they decided to put a driver in it and see what would happen.

And the rest boys and girls is history.  Two trucks turned into three then four and so on........and now he has a fleet of 20 company trucks and 15 owner operator leased on with him.